JimmiA released his 11 song debut CD titled "Funk-Soul & Rock 'N' Roll," of which two songs were filmed for video, "Walk that Talks" and "Hang Out." The recording of the CD involved over 60 musicians and backup vocalists. Also, the song "Wild Child" was considered for a motion picture soundtrack by Millennium Records, NY.

He performed in clubs and concerts on three continents: Africa, Europe and North America. As Evin Levitt, Mondo, put it, "America, Europe & Africa marvelled his Soulful brand of Rock, and witnessed his live exploding performance." JimmiA acted in and directed historical plays and comedies for community sectors.

  • In Thunder Bay, he performed in a televised fundraising concert in support of the Kinsmen Cystic Fibrosis research.
  • He earned first place in Montreal's Chom-FM Home Grown Competition.
  • In Berlin, he received a trophy for the best live performance at Germany's World Youth Festival.
  • In the Canadian National Competition, he judged on the panel for "Vocal Warz" and "Drum Warz."

JimmiA arranged, recorded and produced the theme song titled "I'm a Person First (Label Liberation)" for Justin Thomas - author, actor and playwright of the musical "Label Liberation." Recording this song involved seven lead singers and over 100 individuals from 30 nations singing choir-type lyrics in their mother tongue languages.

In addition, he directed, rehearsed, choreographed and produced "Viva Las Glendon," a Las Vegas type musical, for Glendon College of York University in Toronto, which involved a cast of over 70 singers, dancers, actors and musicians.

JimmiA has also:

  • directed and produced musicals;
  • composed, arranged and produced songs and albums for other artists;
  • acted in school plays;
  • conducted school orchestras; and
  • won several singing and performance awards. JimmiA sang on the single "Move The Heavens And The Earth," which was composed and arranged by Charles Amore. The song was currently on the play list of several European radio stations.

JimmiA is a master voice coach, drum instructor and the author of the instructional books "The Musical Drummer Series." He was chosen as the Master Voice Coach for Canadian Idol.