• Karen Augustein
    Following suit of his artistic family, JimmiA began his unusual journey into the entertainment world in kindergarten. Singing, acting, and conducting school orchestras. At the tender age of 7, JimmiA started his rise to the top, winning several singing awards, receiving a trophy at Germany's World Youth Festival, earning 1st place in Montreal's CHOM-FM Home Grown Competition, and judging on the panel for the Canadian National Competitions "VocalWarz" and "DrumWarz". As student, performer, mentor, and friend, each step culminates in the sum of the whole making JimmiA a truly unique individual...
    Karen Augustein
    Krystal Tear Management
  • Roy Lenden
    JimmiA....Canadian 'Eh', brings world travel experience, cultures interaction, and superb writing style, to deliver an extremely climactic and entertaining performance...
    Roy Lenden
    Halifax Herald
  • JimmiA ignites, Funk-Soul & Rock'n' Roll...
    BBC Radio & TV, London, England, United Kingdom
  • Exclusive live interview hosted by Shadoe Davis
    JimmiA's debut CD is defining Rock music for the 21st Century...
    Exclusive live interview hosted by Shadoe Davis
    Winnipeg's home of Rock'n'Roll 92CITI