JimmiA's grand parents George and Dawlat Abiad - the pioneers of the Egyptian theatre and motion pictures -- have studied serious theatre in Paris, France. They formed their own theatrical troupe out of French cast, and toured France for a couple of years, after which they brought the troupe to Egypt and became the first Egyptian troupe ever to be permitted to perform in the Egyptian Opera House, where only foreign troupes were permitted to perform. The Abiads commissioned various notable writers to translate some of the famous plays into Arabic, as well as to write new plays especially for the troupe. They went on to expand their territory to all the Arab countries, where they would establish an acting college and a theatrical troupe in every country. George and Dawlat were also the first to star in both the silent and spoken motion pictures in Egypt. Their extensive history and achievements are documented and displayed along with their wardrobe and memorabilia in the new Egyptian Opera House Gallery.

JimmiA's father Abdelhamid Fouad Daoud was Consort and Confidant for Queen Nazlie, the Queen of Egypt; and later the first Commissioner and the Chief of Police for Suez Canal. He was a superb painter/portrait artist, a big fan of singing, drumming, and piano playing; and a lover of all art forms. He passed away in February 1996.

JimmiA's mother Souad George Abiad is the author of the book 'Days Unforgotten'. Through her parents' life and acting career, she documents the controversial one-hundred-year period of the Egyptian and Arabic theatre and motion picture's history. 'Days Unforgotten' is the study of many major universities of the arts. She passed away on September 21, 2006.

His brother Farouk Abdelhamid Daoud was a leading executive with the firm Siemens Electronics known for high-end audio and recording equipment. He passed away in February 1991.

His eldest sister Salwa Abdelhamid Daoud was a leading actress in theatre and motion pictures. She passed away in February 1998.

JimmiA's sister Dalia Abdelhamid Daoud, TV sitcom and movie star, was a lead singer in many well known bands in Egypt.